How To Increase Your Instagram Followers

With Instagram becoming one of the most popular social media platforms, whether you are an artist, business or someone who loves to be a part of everything that technology offers, you don’t want to be left out. Get an Instagram account if you don’t have one already. Once you do, things can get quite boring if you do not build up followers quickly. It is surely not rocket science and with a little bit of regularity and creative thinking, you can surely rake up followers like some others.

It has never been a more exciting time for Businesses especially so if you are in the marketing or advertising profession. With the amount of interest being generated in business circles, the company is coming up with Business Tools which will allow businesses to create better profiles, statistics, and analytics. What is truly exciting is the prospect of making adverts and posting them directly through the apps.

However, with tons of content, videos, and pictures, you may still find it difficult to add followers and likes. Many websites including instaswift can generate likes and followers (in bulk as well) for a price and that maybe an option you can explore too.

So, if increasing followers is the way to making your presence felt on Instagram, how do we do that? Here are a few tips that will guide you to do just that.

Creating A Theme! Your profile should have a running theme so people who follow your page will know what to look forward to. What this means is that if there is something that you do well, make sure you flaunt it. For instance, if you are an artist, your profile should not only mention it but it should be clearly visible from your posts, what you are promoting. Your artwork should be the focus. Write down or think about words that would describe you and your passion. Soon, people will begin to associate your artwork with your page.

Using The Hashtag!  With social media, hashtags have become the norm now. It is the ideal way to increase your followers and get more people to your page. At some point, you may feel like your content is stagnating and at such time a hashtag works perfectly. Create a hashtag that represents you,  your work and encourage your followers to use the same. Once the hashtag is being used by others, you can share a few posts on your page to appreciate their posts. This way you are appreciative of their work and increasing content for your page as well. One thing to remember is that since hashtags are being used by everybody, try to keep it unique. Common hashtags will not get viewed at all since quite a few will get thrown up and your post may get lost in the volume.

Further, don’t overuse hashtags and keep them relevant to your posts. Overusing the hashtags gives a feeling to people that you are desperate for likes and followers. That is probably one way to drive people away from your page!

Schedule It! If you want to be the best amongst so many million users, you must make it your top priority. Your followers need to know when to expect a post from you. The anticipation and curiosity will keep your followers wanting more and generate more followers by word-of-mouth. A schedule is a must, especially on social media. The more connected and online you are, the more you in-touch with the people who follow you. The last thing you want is a burst of pictures or images in a week and a vanishing act for the next two weeks. This will lead to a disinterest amongst your followers. Here are 6 Steps to Becoming the Next Instagram Socialite - Near Me Blog.

Pictures! Pictures! Let’s face it Instagram is what it is because of the pictures. If you are really serious about it, read up online or grab a class on how to take those perfect shots. If your followers are following your page for your art, you cannot be posting pictures of your walk with the dog, or the random sunset picture. The posts on your page should not only be relevant but exciting. If you have not created something fun that week, post a picture of some snazzy artwork that you spotted on the way to work. Make it interesting but post something that you would love to see on a page!


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